Friday, February 5, 2010

Julie and Sat's Wedding

This wedding cake was for Julie and Sats, they were married today! Congratulations! Julie is a friend of mine from my childhood, and I adored making this cake for her special day. A wedding with 300 people = a big cake! This 4 tier cake includes a two chocolate mud cakes, a white chocolate mud cake with mixed berries and a marble mud cake. An extremely heavy cake it was quite a feet to get it delivered in today's rain. (thanks team). On consultation with the bride, I designed the cake to match Julie and Sats purple theme. The extra sparkles were added to match Julies dress as well as the pearls wrapped around the bottom and third layer. The last shot is a view from the back. The reception hall looked beautiful. I wish Julie and Sats all the best in their new journey together as Mr and Mrs.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Princess Castle

Once upon a time there was a girl called Beth. She turned 4 and had an awsome princess party! No rockin' 4th Birthday Princess party is complete without a castle cake! Little Beth loved this cake and it was a party hit. Underneath the pink icing (very pink) was more pink. A yummy raspberry chocolate mud cake. mmmm. Did I say there was a lot of pink at this party!

This is a Christening cake that I did for a little boy named Mal. It was designed by his Mum in a more traditional style. It included fine piping and cute little booties on the top.

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